An undocumented worker out of a studio apartment in Hollywood, California, in 2003 started a small E-commerce drop shipping.

CeC “from the group up” developed an electronic TOOL that integrated the outsourcing to third-party providers the LOGISTICS SERVICES of the Fulfillment, and Customer Service, integrating to value-adding services related to the procurement of Inventory, Payment Integration, Accounting and Payroll Services.

Integrated its twenty seven retail E-commerce Stores , with a core business of 3PSCM (third-party supply chain management provider) with over one hundred customers (Corporate and Individual, wholesale and retail), dispatching in average five thousand Parcels Per Day (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL), sold in 2010.

In 2011 AINELY S.A. (Uruguay) was created to Develop Administrative Automation Software. With the network and experience did well automating payroll services and in 2017 opened operations in Panama under Servicios Logísticos y Soluciones de Panama S.A. Panama that has proven a good environment to focus on a Global Customer Base.

Automation is an absolute need for growth and SLS provides the Automation Solutions “from the group up ”.

Ave. Samuel Lewis, Obarrio, 56 st., Panamá Design Center, 13th Floor, Office 13F, Panama City, Panama

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